Logo of School

Panchtatva – Agni, Prithvi, Varun, Vayu, and Vyom - the five elements, which are the basis of creation. These forces give us the steady undercurrent for Dikshant International School, where a 360° purview of a student’s development is given top priority.

Agni represents passion

Just like one has to add fuel to a fire to keep it alive, we pledge to feed our internal passion for knowledge with knowledge & wisdom. The flaming quest to evolve our school into a center of excellence shall never cease.

Varun represents mobility & adaptability

Water is about movement. It changes form easily and also takes the shape of the vessel it is kept in. Dikshant International intends to develop Global Citizens who go with the flow, ever ready to evolve and adapt - to keep pace with the ever changing environs of modern life.

Vaayu represents freedom

Air is the invisible vitality which flows freely and surrounds us. This is our inspiration to give our students the freedom to explore, make choices and to think for themselves independently- our step towards positive youth development.

Prithvi represents roots

Time tested value system is ingrained in us and we strive to inculcate this in our students. These are the roots which keep us grounded and guide our moral compass. Our students should draw strength from their long standing culture & tradition, hence feeling a sense of belonging and inclusiveness.

Vyom represents the sacred inner space

We all have a tranquil corner in our minds that connects us with our self. Tapping this inner serenity & strength will help the students stand firm with a quiet confidence. Students of Dikshant International, are taught to look inwards and build resolve.