The Classrooms at Dikshant International School are workshops for learning

  • spacious and ventilated classrooms.
  • extensive display area in each classroom for the students own work
  • are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities

Dikshant in collaboration with Pearson, the world's largest education company, brings to you DigiClass - an ICT-based solution that combines state-of-the-art hardware with syllabus-compliant, multimedia-based interactive content.

Computer lab

The school houses a fully equipped state-of-the-art Computer lab for its students. The students have free access to the systems and are encouraged to exploit the system resources and in this, highly experienced and talented computer teachers support them.

Audio-visual room

Special audio-visual presentations are arranged related to the concepts which lead to quick and better retention of concepts in children. It is also equipped with projector and a screen which help the students to explore visual presentation on various topics. It is also an attempt to describe the concept visually and is a very useful re- enforcement technique for the topics covered in the classroom.

Art and craft room

The limitless imagination of creative minds finds artistic expression in the Art class room. Students are introduced to various Art forms and styles as the aesthetic aptitude is finely tuned and given direction.

Dance room

It is used to impart training to children in light and classical dance forms.

Music room

The room houses various musical instruments to be learnt by students like drums, guitars, harmonium, keyboard, dholak, and congo.


The library stocks a wide range of books fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, covering a wide range of subjects across all ages and cater to the reading appetite of every student. The collection is replenished from time to time.

Sports area

The school has well maintained lawns for various outdoor sports like swimming, football, cricket, badminton etc.

Sports room

Sports room comprises of various play equipments for the full school. Since education also aims at physical development of individuals, we will be maintaining various sports equipment.

Administrative block

The Administrative block will consist of a Director’s room, a Principal’s room, School Office and pantry.