Kids in The New Millenium

One of our goals is to help students become iKids and truly global citizens.

Today's students are digital learners they literally take in the world via the filter of computing devices: the cellular phones, handheld gaming devices, PDAs, iPads and laptops they take everywhere, plus the computers, TVs, and game consoles at home. Many are multitasking listening to music while surfing the Web or instant-messaging friends while playing a video game.

Even toddlers utilize multimedia devices and the Internet with tools such as handheld video games like Leapster and web sites. Preschoolers, easily navigate these electronic, multimedia resources on games in which they learn colours, numbers, letters, spelling, and more complex tasks such as mixing basic colours to create new colours, problem-solving activities, and reading.

We must use tools to make our students truly media literate as they function in an online collaborative, research-based environment, researching, analyzing, synthesizing, critiquing, evaluating and creating new knowledge.