Principal Message (Junior)

Welcome to Dikshant International School.

Dikshant Junior is a happy and vibrant community of young learners and enthusiastic educators. We believe that an amiable and relaxed atmosphere is advantageous to learning and it shows here. There's never a dull moment in the school lives of our pupils. Our school is a riot of colours, creativity, imagination, learning and fun.

 At Dikshant, we acknowledge the importance of early childhood development and education. We are aware that we are in a position of great responsibility and we shoulder it diligently. We have successfully created a space, a haven if you like, that is warm, welcoming, safe, supportive, nurturing and we earnestly believe that all our young learners can be encouraged and groomed to grow into confident and humane individuals. Hence, we spare no efforts to stimulate our students’ interests and unleash their potential right from their early years.

As parents, you can be assured that your little ones will receive the best care and attention they desire and deserve.



Ms. Prabhleen Kaur Saluja
Principal (Junior Branch)
Dikshant International School, Haldwani