Creative Writing

Reading and writing development are intertwined in early learning. The physical act of writing letters and early words enhances the child's ability to read. The complementary relationship between reading and writing continues long after these early efforts, so Dikshant enhances the children's skills dramatically by encouraging the writing habit in childhood.

The School provides tools and opportunities for writing:

  • Pencils and pens and plenty of paper are available for spontaneous writing activities.
  • The key in getting kids excited about writing is to give them something exciting to write about.
  • At Dikshant, we make children practice, not by forcing them to sit and write but by giving them some exciting activities related to creative writing, which will develop their interest in writing.

Below are some interesting creative writing activities for kids:

Write Reviews It is very important to teach a kid develop his/her own opinion about something. And most importantly it should be taught well to the kid how to express their opinions through word. Children are made to watch a movie, or a cartoon, or are made to read interesting short stories and ask them to right a review telling whether they liked it or not. This activity is easily done as all the children love to watch cartoons and movies and would love to read imaginative and interesting children stories.

Write a Story Out of a Picture Children are shown meaningful yet interesting pictures. And are then asked to write down what they think is the story of the picture.