About School

6 Reasons to choose Dikshant

1- Legacy

Dikshant’s inception in 2007 was an outcome of ideas by experienced educationists from some of the most prestigious public schools of India - The Scindia School, Gwalior and Doon School, Dehradun. The School prides itself on its pleasant, modern environment which is conducive to learning. ICT is valued as an important learning tool. We focus on personal and social development of our students whilst ensuring they feel happy, valued and safe. We foster positive attitudes to learning and a process of constant self evaluation.

Our strong academic performance is a result of:
  • Innovation in teaching methods
  • Enriching and comprehensive educational experience
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Wide range of learning experiences in sporting, creative arts and technology
  • Fostering parental involvement
3- integrated curriculum with directional teaching
  • Meaningful Education which is easily available, accessible and acceptable
  • Multiple Intelligences Theory A Learning Tool for effective teaching of same topic in different ways according to each student’s intelligence
  • Student Centred Learning by recognising each student's strongest talents and building on them
  • Project Based Learning to promote Learning by Doing
  • International Exposure with global cultural experience
  • Learning to Learn to develop Life-long Learners
4- 36o degree development

Dikshant goes beyond academics by educating the "Whole Child", which means giving our students the opportunity to explore various interests and develop their talents.

SPORTS with emphasis on physical fitness and team spirit with both intra school and inter school events. Excellent sporting facilities including a large playground and a variety of Sports equipment along with trained personnel.

  • Visual and Performing Arts to cultivate creativity and art within every student
  • Clubs and Societies for our students to discover a passion and pursue an interest
  • Public Speaking Activities to mould our students into sensitive and skilled communicators EXHIBITIONS AND MONTHLY PRESENTATIONS to
    exhibit talent
  • Adventure Sports to provide team cohesion among students and to boost their confidence
  • School Tripsto reinforce learning outside of the controlled class settings
5. Infrastructure and facilities
  • Two acres of campus with big open spaces
  • Pearson powered Digital Classrooms with Active Board
  • Knowledge Centre with an impressive collection of books, as well as laptops for in-library use
  • CD Library to promote audio-visual based learning
  • Well-equipped Science, Math, English and Robotics Laboratories
  • Wi-Fi Computer Room for easy access to information and online learning
  • Soundproofed Music Room
6. Every child really matters

There is no typical Dikshant student. We aim to develop individuals confident in their own values. Whatever the level of their learning ability, we support each student with an extensive range of strategies and activities. We monitor student progress, sharing this with the child and their parents, helping everyone to understand the next important steps in learning.

Back page dikshant is a family!

Dikshant is a family; students are at the heart of all we do. Our commitment to families and students is 100%. There is warmth of relationships between teachers, students and parents. Like any family, we each have rights and responsibilities. This mutual respect and shared vision about what school life entails is pivotal to our success. We value open discussion and welcome the insights our students and parents offer.

The wise have said -PROMISE LITTLE AND DO MORE!

After the roaring success of Dikshant International School, we have fulfilled our dream to contribute to the community in terms of quality education. Dikshant is a school on a pathway of reflection and improvement. We believe in ourselves, we are inspired by our students. Our students are taught to be accountable for their effort and actions and the celebration of success is a cornerstone of school life

The Student Pledge

I am a star, a rising Star.

I am a curious and inquiring student.

I am a citizen of the world with respect for all people.

I am responsible for my actions and attitudes.

I believe in myself and my ability to do my best at all times.

I have the courage to do the right thing and I am ready to learn today.

I will not waste this day because this day will never come again.

This is my pledge; this is my promise.