Best CBSE School in Haldwani

Date: 2024-02-07

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge

In pursuit of integrating mathematical principles with practical aspects of life, the Central Board of Secondary Education introduced the “Aryabhata Ganit Challenge” catering to students in classes VIII-X of CBSE-affiliated schools. This initiative seeks to foster the development of essential competencies, including problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, mathematization, analytical thinking, precision and accuracy, and time management.
We are delighted to announce that Dikshantites Arav Tikkoo (X-A) & Chitrarath S Mehra (X-A) were amongst the Top 100- Dehradun Region in a group of over 5,50,000 students from all over India. They are conferred with a Merit certificate from CBSE.
We congratulate both our achievers and wish them luck for future endeavors in mathematical proficiency and the holistic development!