Best CBSE School in Haldwani

Date: 2023-08-13

Theatre: Kuli Begaar: Ek Raktheen Kranti

Live theatre in Haldwani: The new generation needs to know about Uttarakhand’s history, struggle for self-respect, and what went behind making the culture that stands proud today. “Kuli Begaar: Ek Raktheen Kranti” is a live theatre directed by Mr Charu Tiwari, taking the audience back to the British era where common people of the ‘pahad’ stood up against British exploitation and successfully abolished the ‘forced labour without pay’ system. August 13, 2023 saw one of the firsts to be performed at the Romaliya House, Haldwani!
We are proud to share that our faculty, Ms Asha Pandey, played the part of ‘Janki Devi’ in the play. Our director, Mr Samit Tikkoo, graced the occasion as an encouragement to her. We salute Aasha mam’s passion to practice the art of dramatics with such exuberant success!